Why would you forgive and How to do that

So, will you forgive?
Will you?

Who's that?
What's that?
Someone or something appeared in front of you when you saw that question. 

Don't go into justifying yourself or the other now.
If that situation (re)appeared, there is still some resentment attached to it. And it's very easy to solve that.
All you need to do is forgive.

Why would you forgive?

I'll name just one reason here because I'm sure it will be enough for you to take forgiveness seriously –


Cancer and other auto-immune diseases are direct result of not-forgiving (your past self or the other person or the whole situation).
Imagine the resentment, the pain, the anger and everything else you felt for yourself or the other person in that moment of being hurt, humiliated, terrified, changed for life..
..imagine them as cramps, as small blocks or sticks or stones.. everywhere inside your body. 

They block your energy flow, they rise your blood pressure, they disable proper feeding of your cells and regular discharge of waste matter, they rise your body’s acidity and bring inflammations.. they give signals to your body that you would rather live blocked and lifeless (without proper energy flow) or even die, than to let those blocks go!
And the worst part is – they are not your lessons – they are just study books. If you got the wisdom that the awful experience was meant to provide you, you can get rid of the books. 

If you've made the wise choice to forgive, just follow this SIMPLE PRACTICE:

Ask yourself this question: „Will you forgive?“
If that's too direct for you and you feel a lot of resistance, try this question: „Are you willing to forgive?“

Whatever comes out, whatever you remember in that moment, LOOK AT IT.

Let's say it's a situation with someone who abused you/ offended you/ hurt you in some way and you see that situation differently now and you've been repeating to yourself something like „I should have known better!“
Let's stop here for a moment and be honest: If you COULD then you surely WOULD have reacted differently. So, in reality, you did the best you could. The only thing that you need to do is to forgive your-past-self for not knowing better in that moment.
And how do you do that? 

Close your eyes and bring YOUR PAST SELF from that scene IN FRONT OF YOU.

It's very helpful if you can remember how old were you then, or what were you wearing or if you can remember the look on your face.. or any other detail.

Now, just tell your past self „I FORGIVE YOU.“

You can also say: „Please forgive me.“ (for being so judgmental and for not accepting your situation and limitations..) „I know you've done your best.“, „I trust you.“, „I love you.“
You'll get the best results if you CHOOSE YOUR OWN WORDS. Say them out loud to decide if they sound right for you.
Do you feel them? Do you feel relief of forgiveness coming upon you?
Let's say, for this example, that you have chosen to say „I forgive you. Please forgive me.“ 

Now, REPEAT YOUR WORDS silently (for example: „I forgive you. Please forgive me.“ .. „I forgive you. Please forgive me.“ ..)

.. UNTIL you see your past self smiling with relief and waving at you and going away.

Do the same practice looking at another person.

👀 See the person in front of you.

💬 Choose your forgiving words.

👋 Repeat the words until you see the person going away with a smile of relief. And keep repeating for as long as that person keeps appearing when you ask yourself "Will you forgive?"

In case you have ONE WHOLE EVENT appearing when you ask the question „Will you forgive?“ then
--> choose a symbol of that past event and bring it in front of you.
--> see the energy of the whole event coming into that symbol.
--> choose your words of forgiveness and repeat them looking at that symbol until you see the heavy energy leaving the symbol and the symbol is light again and irrelevant to you.
For me it would be for example: event of breaking my arm when I was 9 and flying from merry-go-round like super-woman when my seat broke and flew on a nearby football field. I couldn't look at fun-parks because of that, and I love that kind of fun. My symbol would be that broken seat that I see whole and safe again after I finish my forgiveness practice.

How often and for how long should you do this?
For as long as something comes out when you ask the question „Will you forgive?“
Yes, it's possibly a life-long practice, because there is always something new to forgive..
But it's a life-saver! 

Do you need more help?