What is Health?

Harmony of your Beings

When you look at (any) atomic structure, you see that there are some particles in it with energy fields in between. We are all made of atoms and everything around us is made of some form of atoms, so we are all (and everything around us is) formations of some particles joined by the energy in between.

Those particles are in essence our PHYSICAL BEING, but they wouldn't be able to do anything (like develop, grow, think, digest..) without that energy in between.

That energy in between exists in us and in everything around us. That's what makes us one with the entire Universe. When you connect with that energy inside of you, with your SPIRITUAL BEING, you feel calm and peaceful because you know (or, better yet, feel) that you are not alone and that you are child of the whole Universe. 

Emotions are energy in motion. Imagine the same energy between your particles moving in different forms and directions, sometimes 
like the small waves on the sea surface, while other times like fierce 

and hot lava emerging from volcano. When you can feel those different energy motions inside of you, it means that you are connected to your EMOTIONAL BEING.

Your emotional being (we should call it a feeling being) gives you a feeling / sensation, and when you connect it with a thought, you get (name of, type of) emotion. You create feeling-thought connections with your MENTAL BEING. For example: “Bathing in the morning sun makes me feel very pleasant emotion (just like watching the small waves on the sea surface), while burning in the hot sun in the middle of the day creates irritating emotion (just like having small volcanoes inside my body)”.

So, your physical particles do their work properly when they are adequately nourished and moved by the energy between them. You are regularly given information about those energy movements through your feelings and sensations and you have mental capacity to understand the messages of those movements and to redirect that energy at your will.

Some physical symptom is only a reflection of some discord between your beings.

A colorful diet, based on real fruits and veggies, can harmonize the chemistry of your physical being and boost your immune system. Regular water intake, as well as regular movement and conscious breathing, can improve the connection of your body both with your mental and emotional being. Give your brain more good fat and less negative thinking.
Feel and be Real.
Be the Star that you are! 

And here is some Rainbow help
- a quick self-check of the present harmony between your beings-

If you are going through a very tough time right now, just think of a RAINBOW
when the glorious Sunlight breaks through the stubborn density of rainy clouds – Magic happens! 

Healing is re-balancing, harmonizing of your beings..