Time for 


You CAN be Mindful, Focused, Present, Stress-free!
Take some time to learn new ways of connecting to all the aspects of your being.
Face every challenge with peaceful Awareness.
Enjoy life to the fullest!

Mindfulness for two

Whenever forming a new habit, it's useful to have an accountability partner.
Share a session with your beloved, your friend or a family member..


for Mindfulness

Take your time to explore with me all the ways YOU can be Mindful (as you are!). Lets create together the best practices suitable for you personally and for your present challenges.
- for only € 70 -
NOTE - You pay AFTER the session only if you think it's worth it!

My name is Sneza

and I offer Practical approach to Mindfulness

"My experience of working with her is absolutely positive, I felt relieved and relaxed. I got the feeling of my strength and my power to make changes and improvements in my life." (D.V.)