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If you want to choose a package, the questions below will help you:


1 time

-> Is there one specific problem or an issue that's bothering you?
-> Are you at a crossroads and not sure which way to go?
-> Have you already made up your mind but you're scared to take action?
-> Do you have to make a tough decision and you need a second opinion?
-> Do you need an insight?
-> Do you need support for taking the next step?


1 month

-> Have you been through some major shift lately?
-> Do you need to face new circumstances?-> Have you experienced trauma or loss?
-> Have you been through a brake-up or divorce?
-> Are you moving away?
-> Are you changing job or career?
-> Are you struggling with finding your purpose?
-> Does this new challenge seem too difficult to handle? 


3 months

-> Are you repeating some kind of destructive pattern?
-> Do you often find yourself in unwanted scenarios?
-> Do you feel lost in the same circle?
-> Do you live your truth? Do you know what's YOUR truth?
-> Does happiness seem out of reach for you?
-> Are you struggling with your own thoughts?
-> Do you have difficulties identifying and expressing your emotions?



1 time

  • 90 min session
    (or 30 min for FREE)
  • 1 week of unlimited messaging
  • individual coaching
  • insights & solutions



1 month

  • 4 x 90 min session
    (or 45 min for FREE)
  • 1 month of unlimited messaging
  • individual coaching
  • insights & solutions
  • guidance & support



3 months

  • 12 x 90 min session
    (or 60 min for FREE)
  • 3 months of unlimited messaging
  • individual coaching
  • insights & solutions
  • guidance & support
  • accountability partner

for returning clients

if you need more assistance at any time

additional session 

90 min online individual coaching session - € 60

additional messaging

1 month of unlimited messaging - € 60

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