Tips & Brainers

to start your day, broaden your perspective and help you move when you get stuck or things get tough

🙆‍♀️ Your brain doesn't know what data it's missing before it gets exposed to it. 💡

When one or more parts of your spiritual-emotional-mental-physical being is not in harmony with who you really are (your true-self, your soul) .. that shows up in your life as some kind of problem, discomfort or disease.

To get the right solution for you, open up for new knowledge, insights and answers.

💖 Let the sun inside you be guided by the sun around you. 🌞

Sometimes we fall so deep or we get stuck in the dark, that we forget about the Light that we all carry inside. 
Sometimes it's weak and pale, sometimes it's strong and bright - but it's always our Light.

What makes your Light shine more? - GO there! DO that! - every day

press PLAY and BREATHE
~ ~ ~

~ for one of those moments when it seems too hard to move on ~

During 8 hours of sleep, we all experience about 45 min of a deep sleep.
When in a deep sleep, the energy rises slightly above your body and your brain is in delta-waves state, almost like when being dead. 
After that period of a deep sleep, the energy goes back to your body and after a while it starts to wake up.. It means that you are literally re-born in every new day. 
You get a new chance to start better, to create a better relationship with yourself and everyone and everything you care about.
🌞 So, do you have some king of ritual for connecting to yourself after sleep?

When you feel like a deserted island, with the most intimate part of you closed in an old prison .. remember that the sea is all around you and feel its waves touching your shore..