Real Love - Life full of Magic and Peace

Are you in Real Love?
Check it out .. 

-> think about the relationship that you have (with yourself or the other person) ...
-> mark (x) every statement that you find to be true for you..

Real Love
1 □ is very simple thing:
2 □ that person wishes the best
3 □ to your entire being.
4 □ And, if they ever hurt you,
5 □ they'll admit that they were wrong,
6 □ they will try to make it better,
7 □ and you'll know your Love is strong.
8 □ They'll show you all the good things
9 □ whenever you think you're bad!
10 □ They'll do all the crazy things
11 □ whenever they see you sad.
12 □ Real Love helps you feel your Heart,
13 □ Real Love makes you proud and smart.
14 □ It gives you wings to fly,
15 □ it helps you not to lie.
16 □ It tells you what you need to know,
17 □ it guides you where you need to go,
18 □ it helps you let go and grow.

Are you living an „adult“ Love?
Has it turned 18? :)

Here are more guidelines for every line:

1. yes, it's simple – you can be in a very complicated situation, but when you let yourself be completely present in Love, you see things clearly as they are and you feel yourself exactly where you are
2. one of the easiest ways to distinguish Love VS not-love relationship – even with yourself – think about your choices, decisions, behaviors.. and ask yourself „Was that good for me?“; now think about the things that the other person made you, asked you, encouraged you to do.. and ask yourself „Was that good for me?“
3. do you (or the other person) care about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being?
4. no one can read your mind, so it's very natural that people who love you can also hurt you.. when you are disconnected from your essence, you can hurt yourself as well.. on the other hand, when you are in a not-love relationship you might be completely indifferent to pain


5. also one of the easiest indicators of Love VS not-love – does the other person shows respect for your hurt feelings and accepts responsibility for their behavior
6. Do they try to make it better when you show them how their behavior hurt you? Are they willing to make needed changes?
7. Do you feel more safe and secure in your Loving relationship after mending the hurt? Can you feel your Love growing stronger?
8. Does the other person notice and remember all the little things that make you who you are?
9. Do you have a cheerleader? Do you do the same for them?
10. Is your Love crazy in a positive way? - Meaning there are no restrictions, rules or any kind of „normality“ that could get in the way of your Love.
11. Do they bring you up when you are down? Do you do the same for them?
12. Literally.
13. You are better together. Even in the relationship with yourself – you make better choices, you cherish your values and priorities and you behave accordingly when you love yourself.  

14. You feel free and liberated. You can be who you are and you can grow and expend as you like.
15. You just can't look that person straight in the eyes and lie. And even if you do, you know that they know the truth. So what's the point?
16. Love exposes those parts of you that need your attention, like: old wounds, misconceptions, judgments, prejudices ..
17. Love gives you the most accurate signs and signals to keep you on track. It guides you toward solutions.
18. Love helps you accept, let go, surrender and grow. 

We hope that this will help your Love grow even more.

If you think that Real Love is out of your reach, look closer ..