by the sea

Personal Growth Holidays
with SCM


rise your energy level
and learn simple practices
for getting back in the flow


get to know your heart,
re-connect to its wisdom
and to those you love 


get yourself together
the right way and become
the Star that you are!

Personal Growth Holidays with SCM

here is how it works


we call them holi-days because:
-> YOU-time is sacred to you
-> our approach is holistic
So, how many holi-days
will you give to yourself
and when?


accommodation & sessions
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-> direct Booking and Airbnb links
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-> Get in touch with your
Personal Coach Sneza
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Sneza is also a professional tourist-animator.
You can:
-> Take a walk and have a talk with your Life Coach
-> Book all day talks with your Life Coach combined with excursions
(to Rose or Zanjic by boat and to Perast by bus)


-> pay after the first session
ONLY if you like how it works
-> get the best deal, with a session
starting at 74 EUR / 90 min

We are SCM

people who help other people through challenging times


is our guide

Happy & Healthy

world is our mission

Sneza SCM

is your Personal Life Coach

our CLIENTS say

they usually experience transformation in 1 to 5 sessions

“When you start working with Sneza, leave your expectations and fears at the door. She is an
incredible coach (with a witty sense of humor), who goes beyond the excuses and knows how to help you see yourself for who you truly are. She will speak the truths that will allow you to set yourself on the path of healing and self-discovery deeper than you ever thought possible. For me, saying that working with Sneza changed my life is an understatement, it actually revealed how my life should be. After three sessions with her, I found the strength, love, and courage to be myself, my true self, and I am still discovering just how beautiful I am. It's not easy, and it's
not supposed to be, but it's the only way to live your life on your own terms. If you're looking for a space to grow and become the best version of yourself, it's already in you, and Sneza will help you find your way to it.”

“When I started talking to Sneza, I began feeling changes. As I started to see my own
worth, I could appreciate people around me as well. We all need some kind of
“starter” for moving forward. Again, thank you!”

"I’ve been 100% committed to my work ... After a period of excessive workload and associated problems, which lasted for about 4 years, I experienced health problems and I had issues in relationships with my colleagues and my family members as well.
I realized I had to change something, so I asked for a professional help, as recommended, of a life coach Sneza Sedlan.
Sneza’s approach attracted me because it’s different than the usual work of a psychologist or a psychotherapist, as it emphasizes importance of managing of your own energy.
My experience of working with her is absolutely positive, I felt relieved and relaxed. I got
the feeling of my strength and my power to make changes and improvements in my life.
As a result, relationships in my family and also with my colleagues improved."

“I warmly recommend Sneza if you really want to progress. She is someone who, first
of all, loves people, loves to help and knows how to listen. She loves her job and is a
great professional too. She helped me on my personal path and in that way she helped
my kids as well, my family, my friends, my colleagues. Invest in yourself working with
Sneza and you’ll get
a multi-level return.”

SCM New Recovery Approach is based on psychodynamic approach (that's like playing detectives in psychology), latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities.
We help people through challenging times. We've been there ourselves, so we know how it feels.
We help those who suffer, feel depressed, stuck, lost, confused, lonely.. to face their challenge in a new, empowering way and to start living their Happy and Healthy life.
Our approach is simple and effective, with concrete tasks and customized practices.
We are constantly learning, improving our skills and creating new methods.


    We answer directly and personally to You 


Address: 85340 Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Phone: +382(0)68444612 (Sneza)